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Registration re-opened

Written by Administrator Thursday, 17 April 2014 11:02

Due to previous problems with spammers, user registration had been closed. We have now re-opened registration for new users, and will continue to kill off spammers.

We have also enabled HTTPS on the entire site.


Crisis averted

Written by Administrator Monday, 29 August 2011 18:35

You should now be able to log in again. Something broke. It is fixed in a temporary way. With small side effects; you can no longer log in on the front page, or see recent posts etc. The forum itself will work 100% as before though.

Our trained code monkeys will work to resolve all issues. Sorry, we will spank the monkey responsible for the down time.


Login trouble

Written by Administrator Monday, 29 August 2011 16:32

We are aware that there is some login issue with the forum. Working on it.

Realm First Level 25 Guild

Written by ballemonster Friday, 08 April 2011 08:14

Congratulations to Ancient Order of Wisdom for achieving this!




Community News

Written by ballemonster Thursday, 31 March 2011 11:52

If you have news that you want the community to know about, PM a moderator or author of the site and it might be shown here!

Read more: Community News


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